Student Services

Bookstore – Portsmouth Campus  

The college contracts with Follett to run the bookstore, where students can purchase textbooks and other supplies.  Students who have questions about pricing, books or any issues should direct their inquiries directly to the bookstore at (603) 709-0177.  Students can also purchase textbooks online.  The bookstore can be accessed through the college website.

Fitness Center – Portsmouth Campus

The Portsmouth campus has a fitness center with cardio, circuit and free weight equipment.   Registered students may utilize the center with their Student ID. 

Gymnasium – Portsmouth Campus

The Portsmouth campus has a gymnasium in which students can play basketball and other activities.  Registered students may utilize the center with their Student ID.  

Student Identification Cards 

Students should obtain a college ID at the Helpdesk, Room 200C-Portsmouth Campus during normal weekday operating hours.  Students must know their Student ID numbers and must have photo IDs with them (driver’s license, passport, military ID).  Cards are required for borrowing Library books, returning books to the campus bookstore, and for student discounts at area merchants or public facilities.  Students may also have borrowing privileges at other college libraries through presentation of their Student Identification Cards to participating college libraries.  Students will need to stop by the Helpdesk at the start of each academic year in order to get a current validation sticker for their IDs.  

Lost Identification Cards 

Any student who loses an identification card can obtain a new card at a cost of $10 (payable at College Services Welcome Center). Lost identification cards should be reported to the Helpdesk or Campus Safety as soon as possible.


The Helpdesk is a vital information and troubleshooting center for all students, faculty, and staff at

Great Bay Community College.  This service helps resolve problems with MFA, login issue, SIS, CANVAS, Email, Computer issues, or general college FAQs.  The Helpdesk also has a physical location, in room 200C at the Portsmouth Campus.  Hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 8:00am to 6:00pm and Fridays 8:00am to 4:00pm.  The Helpdesk is closed on Saturday and Sunday; however, tickets are still received.  If the Helpdesk is unable to resolve an issue on the weekend, it will be resolved first thing Monday morning.  It is highly recommended to open a ticket by either sending email to or visiting the website at:

Information Technology Services (IT) 

Classroom computers and College technology systems are maintained and updated by the College’s Information Technology department.  IT staff work directly with faculty and Department Chairs to support the learning needs of a diverse student population, and classrooms are equipped with a variety of instructional technology.  Wireless networks exist for instruction, meetings, and special events.  Open computer labs are located in the Library and in the CAPS Department for students to work on assignments and access online learning environments such as CANVAS.  Information Technology specialists also partner with Disability Services to review, purchase, and implement assistive technology for students with disabilities.

Printing & Copying

Great Bay Community College uses a print management solution called PaperCut for network printing from college computers.  Every student is given a $25 initial credit for printing and/or copying.  Scanning to a USB thumb drive is free.  It is every student's responsibility to monitor their own print account and ration their quota appropriately.  If a student runs out of their initial $25 credit, they can purchase more credits by visiting the website Please select "Add Credit" and follow the steps to add funds to your account. All credits expire at the end of every semester, and another $25 credit will be reloaded for the new semester.  No refunds will be issued for any unused credits (including purchased credits) per semester.  Note: There are three semesters in an academic year, Fall, Spring, and Summer.  Quotas will start the first day of each semester.

Printing/Copying Costs:







Letter 8.5" x 11" .05

$0.10 $0.20



Legal 8.5" x 14"     .05

$0.10 $0.20



Tabloid 11" x 17" .10

$0.10 $0.20



Great Bay Community College reserves the right to change print/copying quantities and pricing at any time.

Credits can be purchased in $2.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 increments and balance is updated instantly.  No refunds will be issued for any unused credits or purchased credits per semester.


The Multifunction Printers are capable of scanning to a USB thumb drive and scan can be send to your CCSNH assigned email by default.  You must log in with your GBCC ID to use the scanning features.  There is no cost for scanning images to your thumb drive.

Printing, Copying & Scanning Guidelines

  • Respect the rights of other students, faculty, and staff while printing or copying.
  • During peak times, avoid large print/copying jobs.
  • Do not open the printer for jams.  Please contact the IT Dept.
  • Do not remove toner.  Please contact the IT Dept.
  • Do not remove or load paper.  Please contact the IT Dept.  If you need scratch paper, please visit the CAPS lab.
  • Do not adjust, unplug, or remove any of the printers’ components or reconfigure any permanent settings.
  • Please be sure you have logged out of your session when making copies or scanning.  IMPORTANT: Leaving a session open could allow another user to print using your credits.  GBCC is not responsible for sessions that are left open.
  • When copying documents, you are responsible for following copyright laws.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged cards have a $25 replacement fee.  Replacement IDs for name changes are free with return of old card; otherwise, there is a $25 fee.
  • Do not wait until you are down to a zero balance before purchasing more print credits.  

Cafeteria – Portsmouth Campus 

The college cafeteria is located on the main floor.  Students can buy hot or cold foods, drinks, and pastries.  The cafeteria hours are posted each semester.  Meals are available at reasonable prices, and vending machines are also available.  The college contracts with a private vendor to run the cafeteria.  

Campus Safety

Campus Safety officers are stationed at the Front Desk to monitor traffic coming into and exiting the building, respond to any safety concerns that may arise, and provide an escort service for those students, faculty and staff who would like to be accompanied to their vehicles. Campus Safety has a daily schedule of on campus classes and events and is available to assist with locating services on campus. You can reach Campus Safety by calling 603-427-7697, emailing, or just stopping by the Campus Safety Desk in the lobby of the Portsmouth Campus. 

GBCC Alerts 

An emergency notification system has been developed whereby members of the Great Bay community will be notified by email, text or voice of any emergencies that may occur.  Most commonly these notices will be related to weather related cancellations and closings, but they could involve any number of other possible emergency situations.  Students must “opt-in” to this service and may do so by clicking the GBCC Alerts button on the front page of our website. 

Bus Service

Great Bay Community College students ride the COAST Bus Service free with their valid College ID Card.  Bus service is available Monday-Friday.  Schedules are available at

Housing and Living Expenses

The college does not maintain residence halls or assume responsibility for housing.  Students are advised to check on campus to see if any information about local housing options have been made available or have been posted.  Arrangements and contracts for housing are solely between the student and the landlord.


The college is not liable for personal injuries incurred by students who are in attendance.  Students are encouraged to either provide their own coverage or purchase the insurance provided by the System. 

All Nursing and Allied Health Students who have a clinical must have accident and illness insurance, as well as professional liability coverage.  Information regarding this professional liability coverage is available in the Nursing and Allied Health Departments. 

All students who wish to participate in intercollegiate athletics must produce evidence of enrollment in a health insurance policy.

Student Code of Conduct

The college’s Student Code of Conduct document is available in the Student Handbook.  The Student Code of Conduct outlines academic and student policies and procedures.  Students are responsible for being familiar with the information contained in this document.

Campus Crime Report

Each year the College compiles a report which identifies the frequency with which certain crimes have been reported to have occurred on campus and on adjacent public property.  In addition, related policies, programs and services are identified.  This report may also be accessed on our website through the Consumer Information link found on the bottom of the front page.