Student Life

Great Bay Community College believes in the value of providing students with opportunities to develop and refine comprehensive skills needed to be successful both in and out of the classroom.  The Student Life office strives to promote student growth and development in learning, involvement, leadership, and building community through diverse co-curricular cultural, social, educational, athletic, and recreational activities.

Student Life is located in the Student Success Center, which is home to the Gymnasium, Concession Stand, Fitness Room & Locker Rooms, Heron’s Nest Food Pantry, Campus Cupboard, Pool & Foosball Tables, Community Guitar & Piano, the Student Government Association’s Office, Meeting & Study Space, and a bright, comfortable lounge for students to meet and hang out.

Campus Involvement

  • Student Clubs and Organizations - In addition to having the opportunities to experience success in the classroom, students are encouraged to take advantage of a wide range of activities to further enhance their life skills.  Our student clubs and organizations offer chances to be a part of a team, gain a head start on a career, build leadership skills, and get involved in community service.
  • Student Government Association - Students who serve on the Student Government Association (SGA) serve as a voice for all GBCC students to the administration, faculty, staff, Board of Trustees, Advisory Board and the Seacoast community.  SGA is the advocate for student-related issues and concerns and is the main governing body of all clubs and organizations on campus.  Meetings are open to all members of the campus community.
  • Campus Activities and Events - Students who participate in Campus Activities and Events have the opportunity to engage in social, cultural, intellectual and recreational interests.  These activities and events not only include intramural sports, but also health and wellness opportunities. 

Leadership Development

  • Emerging Leader Program - Students attend a three-day retreat to explore how their individual characteristics/traits impact a group while learning key interpersonal skills such as effective communication, ethical decision making, goal setting, and time management.
  • Engaged Leader Program - Students attend a three-day retreat to explore various leadership styles while learning skills that are needed to lead groups such as conflict resolution and group dynamics/diversity.

Civic Engagement

  • The Great Bay Gives Back Program - Students become self-aware of their community and the importance of civic engagement.  This program encourages students to complete 100 hours of community service during their time at the college and reflect on how the experience has affected their perspective as a participative member of society.  Members of The Great Bay Gives Back Program will be awarded an individualized plaque and be recognized at our annual Student Leadership Banquet, as well as have their name featured on a plaque displayed in the Student Success Center.  


Intercollegiate Athletics

Through their participation in intercollegiate athletics, students will become more self-aware of the roles within a team and develop skills such as effective communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, and time management.

Great Bay Community College athletic teams participate in the Yankee Small College Conference (YSCC) and the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA).

  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Men’s Baseball
  • Men’s and Women’s Golf
  • Men's & Women's Track & Field

Heron’s Nest

The mission of the Heron’s Nest is to provide a safe space for students to nourish both their ‘body and soul.’ The Heron’s Nest is located in the Student Success Center and is where students will find the Student Resource and Wellbeing Coordinator as well as the Food Pantry. The Resource and Student Wellbeing Coordinator provides support to students who may need resources for mental health, housing, health insurance and other non-academic related issues. The Food Pantry is available to all students and is open when the building is open.